Animal Bedding in Cornwall - available at Carharrack Animal Feeds.

We stock a wide range of animal beddings.

Our stock is constantly changing, so for current availability and the best price locally on these products, call us now on 01209 820191

These are some of the products and ranges we stock.

 James Well Beloved Wood Shavings available in various grades. 


 Burly Bed logo Burybed Miscanthus

 Aubiose LogoAubiose

 Verdo Logo Verdo

 Dengie Fresh Bed Dengie Fresh Bed

 Equinola Equinola


 Pedigree Easi-Bed


 cousin jack Cousin Jack/Happy Jack Bedding


 Omega Equisorb


 Bakers Megasorb


 Superdog Dengie Medi-Bed


 Bakers Bedmax


 Skinners Straw



For the latest stock, call us now on 01209 820191

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